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White Loop, registered with the Nanterre Commercial Court, relies on a robust legal framework, managed by our in-house legal director and strengthened by collaboration with a renowned accounting firm. In an ecosystem where legal rigor is paramount, we ensure that every investment is meticulously overseen.
Transparency is at the core of our concerns: that's why we are committed to providing monthly reports to our partners, ensuring clear and honest communication.


White Loop is a comprehensive service and expertise center, offering consultancy, marketing, public relations, investments, portfolio management, legal services, treasury operations, and more. In line with this, in September 2022, White Loop established two new departments : Business Development & Communication/Writing.
The former aims to bring new growth opportunities to White Loop and the projects we endorse, while the latter focuses on delivering content and communication strategies beneficial to our partner projects.


White Loop is the first private investment firm in France specializing in crypto-assets. Founded by enthusiasts deeply rooted in the blockchain ecosystem with varied and specialized expertise, White Loop's mission is to provide every opportunity for success to the projects it supports.
Its leadership comprises four executives, an advisor, and a team of fifty associates with diverse backgrounds, having extensive connections throughout the European crypto ecosystem. White Loop thus offers a comprehensive 360° perspective, ensuring flawless guidance across all areas.

Committed Strategic Partner.

Based in France, White Loop Capital stands out as an experienced investor, committed to supporting the promising players of tomorrow's web. Combining professionalism with tailored guidance, we position ourselves as the essential strategic partner.